Material: Aluminio de alta durabilidad
Guarda y protege: Tarjetas (4 o 7)

  • Dimensiones: 61 x 95 x 8 mm
  • Peso: 45 gramos

El mecanismo patentado de nuestro billetero/tarjetero le brinda facilidad en el uso de sus tarjetas.



   Color oro champagne



   Color de plata

Serie limitada:


   Olive green

Marble look engraved cardholders (NEW Special edition)

Say hello to this special edition of our durable, minimalist cardholder. For people who like sleek design with a classy exterior. Our marble look engraved cardholders come in three colours: black, grey and rosegold. They are designed to last with a touch of class, and protect up to 7 cards against wear and tear, and skimming. (Also available as XL)



   Rose gold